The Company

Our Goal

At THE BEAT Arts Academy, is to share the joy, passion and, creativity that the world of dance has brought to my life, as well as to the many other cosmic dancers around the globe. It is my mission to Give back to my community by teaching many of the techniques and disciplines of dance, to produce amazing dancers who can fully express themselves through the art of movement.

Our Mission 

As a Preceptor at The Beat Arts Academy my mission is to motivate, inspire, and unlock the creative potentials in all of my Proteges. 
Imagination, visualization, and self confidence are three fundamental elements that are the school of thought at "The Beat".
For once tapped into, Proteges will rise to face any challenge put in front of them, have the creativity to problem solve, and the discipline and drive to push themselves beyond their limits to achieve the success they desire.

As an advocate of the arts by default, it also is my fight towards bringing the arts inclusively to as many young talents as I can.
Every child deserves to have  creative outlets so that their talents can be realized and cultivated into hopeful careers in the arts.
Even the mental skills and work ethic learned in a dance classroom can be applied to any situation in future workplaces as well as being great tools for life in general.

Our Vision

For The Beat Arts Academy, is to inspire my community to explore the creative sides of themselves and to freely express the raw emotion evoked in the therapeutic dance of life.
I started my studies as a dancer in Cincinnati ohio, at the magnet School for the Creative and Performing Arts. I was blessed to be taught on an arts campus that trained students from grades 4-12, where I learned that every child has a given talent whether they are aware of this or not. I witnessed the growth of students both younger and older than me in all talents of the arts, from Dance, Drama, Vocal and instrumental music, to visual arts, creative writing, and technical theater. I was surrounded by an echelon of creative youthful souls all the same age as me, being around like minded individuals was very influential in my development in my childhood.

I learned technical training in the ballet methods of Balanchine, Cecchetti, and school of Rudolf Nureyev,  to the Modern Methods of Martha Graham, Isadora Duncan and Katherine Dunham, Paul Taylor, Merce Cunningham, Lester Horton and Alvin Ailey. I knew I was getting a very strong foundation in dance  by all of the intensive training. Being trained in the various methods trained me into a well versed dancer and it has given me a fulfilling career in dance thus far.

It is a dream to be able to share only a portion of the training I was taught to a newer generation. The possibilities are endless in the world of dance in this new era. Now that  dance is back and in a huge way, there are many opportunities for a talented dancer who has the self confidence and the versatility to style switch, almost any Gig could be attainable.
It's my goal to train Great well versed dancers, that will take the lessons of self discipline, determination,  and hard work with them to their adult lives. Or go out there and take the dance world by storm, either way it's always a win dancing at "The Beat".

My Dream

is this...     


                      -Shawn Jones